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Eco-friendly vacations with Ontario travel trailers

Families wanting to reduce their carbon footprint by up to 69% for their vacations should consider the many travel trailers for sale in Ontario, according to a study prepared by PKF Consulting for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association.

Of interest to Ontario "snowbirds" heading to Florida are the comparisons for trips from the northern U.S. city of Cincinnati to the warmth of Orlando. A four person family opting for a 14 day non-RV vacation to Orlando using combinations of airline, rental car, motels or hotels generates 3.94 tons of carbon (calculations using Conservation International figures). By contrast, only 31% of this footprint would be created by towing a new or used "folding" tent trailer behind the family car (1.21 tons). A more solid new or used travel trailer pulled by an SUV would create 48% of the non-RV carbon footprint (1.9 tons). Taking a new or used Type C motorhome represents 64% (2.53 tons), and a slightly more ecological new or used diesel Type A motorhome would generate 51% of a non-RV carbon footprint (2.02 tons).

The question of whether to buy a used rv in Ontario, as opposed to the benefits of a new rv, is also a consideration for ecologically motivated families. While the carbon footprint of used rvs obviously increases with age-related maintenance (and performance decreases with wear and tear), there is no question that there is ecological value in "recycling" used travel trailers, since the decision removes the carbon footprint created by the manufacture of that extra new travel trailer.

Whether you choose a new or used rv, the study suggests that Ontario tent trailer owners will always be creating only 1/3 of the potential carbon footprint of non-RV vacationers, with larger RVs still producing radically less carbon than the non-RV alternative. The study breaks down one comparison of a 10 day Minneapolis to Branson vacation that shows the amount of fuel consumed by towing a "folding" tent trailer, an SUV-towed travel trailer, a Type C motorhome and a Type A diesel motorhome, but also notes the carbon costs of air fare and hotel nights.

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