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Boatland RV is Ontario's best source for recreational vehicles from tent trailers and toy haulers, to park model RVs and 5th wheel travel trailers. Conveniently located on Highway 115, we are the first choice of Oshawa _ Peterborough RV buyers. Our large selection of new and used RV models caterers to every budget. Unlike RV dealers in urban Toronto, our low overhead allows us to offer travel trailers for sale at amazing deals.

Boatland RV is the Oshawa-area and Peterborough RV dealer best able to help you to purchase the camping trailer of your dreams, including full bank financing services (Contact us for details). We can also help advise you on towing trailers, and why RV dealers are your first stop for ecological vacations, not to mention economical vacations.



Why Consider Commercial Vehicle Insurance with Your Company Vehicles

If you own a business that relies mostly on automotive vehicles like cars, container vans, cargo trucks, pickup trucks, or trailer trucks as a means of transporting your products as well as delivery of the raw materials used in the creation and development of the products that your business sell, then it is important that you make sure that you have commercial vehicle insurance for all your company vehicles. This is because insurance commercial vehicle provides your business with the necessary protection to ensure that it does not meet any unnecessary expenses brought about by your company’s liability over the commercial vehicles.

Since the commercial vehicles that your company has should have insurance, if they are all properly insured, you hardly have to worry about your company vehicles being involved in incidents that will result in large compensatory expense for the company. This is because with a commercial vehicle insurance, both driver and vehicle are protected with insurance – from liability insurance to property insurance. This gives you an assurance that in the event that your vehicle and driver get involved in some serious incident, your company will not be at a tantamount loss of money used for compensation.

When a business operates mainly through the use of their service vehicles, it is downright essential that the commercial vehicles used in the business’s operations are properly assessed and insured. While the premium over commercial vehicle insurance depends greatly on the types of vehicles being insured, their estimated cost, and the type of risks they are exposed to while doing their duties, having commercial vehicle insurance proves to be a worthy investment – one that will surely not go to waste. Of course, it is still very important to avoid any road incidents from occurring at all cost, but for the unexpected reason you should get yourself involved with one, having insurance means that the overall cost of your premium will correlate to how much claim you can make.

The amount of premium you pay for your commercial vehicle insurance does not necessarily relate to the coverage you will be given. This is because the insurer will assess the risks they have in insuring your company’s fleet of commercial vehicles and assess from there the amount of premium you will be paying based on the coverage you will be given and the amount of risk the insurer is taking in insuring your commercial vehicles.

When your company’s vehicles are properly insured with commercial vehicle insurance, depending on the coverage your policy has, the type of protection you will be getting will include auto liability, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, medical payments, coverage for vehicles you rent or borrow, as well as coverage for employees who use their personal vehicles for the business. Should any of your company’s vehicle get involved in any road accident, settlement of the claim will be done in the soonest possible time. Any damages incurred to your vehicle will also be guaranteed of repairs from authorized and licensed auto repair shops.

Dealing with company vehicles that are not properly insured can be a risky move for any business. This is because if the uninsured company vehicle get involved in an accident where serious bodily injury and property damage are involved, rest assured that the compensation over such damage will be claimed and billed towards the vehicle that is responsible in causing the whole vehicular accident in the first place. Should your company vehicle be that vehicle, then rest assured that you will be dealing with a lot of unnecessary expenses for the very simple reason that you skipped out on commercial vehicle insurance.

If you are looking to have your company vehicles insured, keep in mind that there are a lot of commercial vehicle insurance providers and it will be in your best interest to look into their quote so that you can have an idea on how much their asking prices are. Once you are able to compare quotes, you will literally already have an insurer in mind that you will likely go to. However, it never hurts to ask if there are any means of getting discounts and if there are, how is it that you can comply with them.


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